Tactical planning

Developing Detailed Strategies for Resilient and Efficient Operations.

What is tactical planning?

Tactical planning refers to the process of developing detailed, actionable plans to address specific challenges or achieve strategic objectives efficiently and effectively. Tactical planning is an integral part of an organisation’s resilience strategy, as it enables leaders to anticipate and respond to potential disruptions or threats while maintaining operational continuity.

REACT Group Solutions can help your organisation by:

  • Identifying risks and vulnerabilities
  • Setting objectives and priorities
  • Developing action plans
  • Implementing mitigation measures
  • Training and preparedness
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Why choose REACT Group Solutions?

A diverse and experienced team

REACT Group Solutions brings a wealth of expertise and experience in tactical planning for corporate resilience. Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in commercial risk management, humanitarian crisis response, the armed forces and the emergency services. We have successfully supported organisations across various industries in developing and implementing robust tactical plans to address a wide range of threats and challenges.

Tailored solutions that align with your strategies

We understand that every organisation faces unique risks and vulnerabilities. That’s why we take a customised approach to tactical planning, working closely with you to assess your specific needs, objectives, and risk profile.

Our tailored solutions are designed to align with your organisation’s strategic priorities and operational requirements, ensuring that tactical plans are practical, effective, and actionable.

Interactive training and preparedness

In addition to developing tactical plans, REACT Group Solutions provides comprehensive training and preparedness exercises to ensure that employees are equipped to respond effectively to crises or emergencies. Our interactive training sessions, tabletop exercises and simulations immerse participants in realistic scenarios, fostering engagement, collaboration, and skill development.

Continuous support and evaluation

Our support doesn’t end with plan development. We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you implement and refine your tactical plans over time. We conduct regular reviews and evaluations to assess plan effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that your organisation remains prepared to respond to evolving threats and challenges.

Need Expert Tactical Planning for Your Organisation?

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