Surge Response

Rapid, Expert Solutions for Managing Unexpected Crises

What is surge response?

Surge response is the capability to respond quickly and expertly to sudden peaks in demand resulting from unexpected emergencies and other crises. From mass power outages and floods to pandemics and natural disasters, REACT Group Solutions are experts in surge response to complex incidents.

Why choose REACT Group Solutions?

Tried and tested experience

REACT Group Solutions is the commercial subsidiary of the registered charity REACT Disaster Response. We share a wealth of knowledge and best practice gained from almost 10 years of deploying to crises in the UK and internationally. Many of our team members come from blue light or armed forces backgrounds, meaning we can bring a unique set of tried and tested skills and strategies to your team.

Our track record of surge response spans multiple incident environments.

All of our commercial profits go to our charity

All of our commercial contract profit goes back into our registered charity REACT Disaster Response to fund humanitarian operations. By choosing to work with us, you will also be supporting the hardest-to-reach and most vulnerable communities in the wake of disasters.

Professional and proactive support

Our surge response service can provide your organisation with professional, proactive measures to help you manage sudden surges in demand caused by an unforeseen crisis.

Our dedicated and highly-experienced team will undertake research to understand your organisation and its strategic objectives and responsibilities, to deliver a bespoke and realistic delivery plan that can be implemented in the event of an incident. We can support you with a number of strategies, including planning logistics, delivering training and recruiting additional team members at pace.

Hands-on and collaborative

We understand that every situation is unique. We will work with you and our network of NGOs, agencies, Local Resilience Forums (LRFs) and government departments to create a tailored surge response plan that is designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and peace of mind. 

Need Immediate Surge Response Expertise?

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